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Remediator is a dual purpose oil/fuel absorbent and bioremediation agent for use on direct spills or on hydrocarbon contaminated soil. The product contains naturally occurring bacteria commonly found in oil bearing plants and common soils. When given a hydrocarbon food source and kept moist, the bacteria propagate rapidly within the fibres and break down the soil contaminant into its non-harmful constituents.


  • Packaging: 10 kg/bag

Features & Benefits

  • Proven to bioremediate a wide variety of compounds. Technology verified by University and Government testing.
  • Rapid encapsulation and immobilisation eliminates leaching of hydrocarbon.
  • Safe and simple to use: requires no special training and crews are not required to be expert personnel.
  • Remediator is non-toxic, non-abrasive, noncarcinogenic and non-volatile.
  • Produced from a recycled, natural and renewable resource.