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Chip Grabber

The Abanaki Chip Grabber removes chips and skims oil from coolant tanks and machine tool reservoirs. The unique design allows it to pick up steel chips, turnings and grindings from the bottom of the coolant reservoir as well as floating tramp oils from the surface. The special magnetic tube snakes along the bottom of the reservoir attracting the chips and swarf. As the tube returns to the the Chip Grabber, floating oil is attracted and picked up as well. The result: chip free and oil free coolant.


  • Dimensions: 11˝L x 9˝W x 8˝H
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Motor type: 110v, 60–50Hz Max.
  • Operating Temperature: 150°F, 66.5°C

Features & Benefits

  • Continuously removes chips and tramp oil, decreasing downtime
  • Integrated decanter ensures coolant-free oil discharge
  • Oil pickup rate of up to 11⁄2 g.p.h.*
  • Slide out dump tray for easy chip disposal
  • Set up and put in use in just minutes
  • Standard tube lengths in reach: 18˝, 24˝, 30˝ and 36˝. Longer lengths available.