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Anti-slip tape

With Anti-slip tapes, the risk of falling down at positions such as slopes, stairs, steps, bathroom floors and swimming pools is significantly minimized.The product is durable; and  resistant to water and detergents. It can be applied on many kinds of materials like ceramic tiles, granite, wood, metal and polished concrete, etc.


  • Types

– Anti-slip tapes for indoor and barefoot walking

– Anti-slip tapes for outdoor and shoe walking

– Anti-slip tapes for wet positions  

  • Length: 18.3m
  • Width: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm
  • Colors: Black, Grey, Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Hazard Yellow/Black, Clear

Features & Benefits

  • High anti-slip efficiency (the friction coefficient increases from 0.4 μ to 1.0 μ);
  • High durability (maximum 5 years);
  • Increase the safety of each step and the aesthetics of stairs and floors;
  • Easy to use (similar to applying decals);
  • Variety of colors and sizes;
  • Absolutely safe for humans and environment.