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Oil absorbing wipes

100% eco-friendly polypropylene Meltblown nonwoven oil absorbing wipes are specially designed for clean manufacturing and assembly environments. With high efficiency lint control, oil absorbing wipes are capable of removing oil and grease stains or dirt on the machine surface, machine parts, industrial equipment and material surfaces. Oil absorbing wipes are the perfect choice for applications involving oil, chemicals, solvents, inks, paints and acids, etc such as car, hospital, hygiene and industry.


  • Material: 100% Polypropylene
  • Color: Blue

Features & Benefits

  • High-tech material, surfactant contained design;
  • Extra absorbency – up to 8 times oil absorbency of itself;
  • Lint/dust free, anti-static;
  • Firm texture – highly durable;
  • Soft-touch feature – do not scratch appliance surface;
  • Reusable nature – cost-efficiency;
  • Lightweight – easy storage and transportation;
  • Eco-friendly.

Typical applications

  • Window cleaning, automotive manufacturing, mechanical maintenance
  • Pre-cleaning before painting, printing, polishing, printer head cleaning, finger print
  • Clean tools, equipment parts
  • Automotive refinishing, polishing, cleaning, washing
  • Cleanroom, laboratory, chemical, CAD Room
  • Printing, machine engineering, aircraft, workshop, oil station, etc.
  • Electronic & Electric Manufacturing such as eliminating the redundant tin on circuit board keeping the board clean in SMT electronic factory.
  • Medical facility, Precise instrument, Semiconductor, Laboratory, Cleanroom, etc.